Creativity makes you happy. It helps you distance yourself, it lets you forget the world around you for a while. You can lose your feeling in it and it helps you relax. 

In the webshop you will find various materials to get creative with or already made art that you only have to enjoy. 

I discovered that being creative gave me peace, that it let me forget about reality for a while and that I dared to think and move out of the box in my art. I discovered that being creative was not only fun when I was a little girl, but still is now!

And that's exactly what I wish you too, by heart. Just relax, take some time for yourself and enjoy making something in, for example, your creative booklet.

Give yourself a little time and relaxation!

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Do you want to visit me at a fair or do you want to join a table to be immersed in a creative bath? Below you will find all the events where you can find me.